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Food Sings 12 Days of Leftovers for the Outback Steakhouse

The Outback Steakhouse and creative ad agency Deutsch, NY create "The 12 Days of Leftovers" just in time for Christmas with singing food from our refrigerators. The online campaign comes complete with a series of talking and singing food web ads to get you to forget the leftovers and head on over to Outback instead.

Below are the "Mystery Mashed Potatoes" and "Slab of Slimy Ham" which is an outtakes reel of talking food bloopers. spots for your viewing pleasure, or you could run to Outback!

Holidays come and go, and then you're stuck with leftovers. Crusty, Fuzzy, Icky, Slimy Leftovers--and those are the ones you can recognize.

Take a break from holiday leftovers this season, and head into Outback Steakhouse for a delicious topped steak instead.

"The outtakes reel — some say there is no higher form of cinema. Just like some say there is no lower form of food than the holiday leftover. As a charter member of the past-their-prime portion club myself, I disagree.

But if you just can't spend another night with your old friend Slab of Slimy Ham, then go ahead into Outback Steakhouse for a real meal. I'll be fine. Really. No, I'm not crying..." — Slab of Slimy Ham.

Ad Agency: Deutsch, NY.
Client: Outback Steakhouse
Directors: Ben & Julia
Art Direction & Puppets: Ben&Julia Studio
Assistant: David Huckert
Production: Hornetinc
Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins
Producer: Zack Kortright
Line Producer: Joel Kretschman
Editor: R.J. Glass & Anita Chao
Director of Photography: Ivan Abel
Gaffer: Michael Yetter
1st AC: Nathan Spengler
Best Boy: Casey Wooden
Key Grip: Mike Farino
2nd Grip: Leo Schott
Fabricators: Tim McDonald, Nathan Asquith, Connie Chan
VTR: Jon Osterman
Puppeteer: James Godwin
Compositors: Ali Kocar, Peter Fink
PA: Tim Kuhl, Dean Ford

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