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The Whiskey Advent Calender Will Make Any Man Happy About Christmas

Drinks by the Dram has created the perfect Pre-Christmas gift for the Whiskey lovers. This Advent calendar replaces sweets and toys with small bottles of whiskey instead, with a total of 24 doors and behind each one is a small 30ml sample of Scotch. As a pleasant surprise, there’s even a small bottle of a 50-year-old malt whisky behind one of the doors, where the full-sized bottle is valued around £350 (roughly $550 US)

Drinks by the Dram is part of Master of Malt, that offers connoisseurs small samples of exclusive alcoholic beverage labels, including spirits like whiskey, run, vodka, and cognac. The Whiskey Advent Calendar is available online and can be purchased for €187.89

Get in the holiday spirit early with 24 drams of gin or whisky! The Ginvent Calendar and The Whisky Advent Calendar make a one-of-a-kind gift...much better than any partridge or pear tree and forget about the tie this year. Order here before they sell out The Whiskey Advent Calendar Blended Whisky