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Allstate Insurance Ad Campaign Says Thank You

Allstate Insurance Thanksgiving ad campaign says thank you to their agents for all their efforts after Super Storm Sandy. Three new commercials, two of which will highlight Allstate agents (below) Frank Vento and Lilian Rodriguez.

Sandy was one of the most devastating storms to hit our country in the last 50 years. Over 50 million Americans in 20 states were impacted. Today, Allstate would like to thank the over 1,000 Allstate Agents who worked around the clock, helping customers before, during and after, super storm Sandy. All of you truly are, Agents of Good. Share their good works with others.

Staten Island, NY was heavily impacted by Sandy. Allstate would like to thank local Allstate Agent Frank Vento whose hard work & dedication made a difference in peoples' lives. Frank truly is an Agent of Good.

Allstate Agent Lilian Rodriguez's home was flooded during Sandy. Despite her own problems, she put her customers' problems first. Allstate would like to acknowledge her efforts. Lilian truly is an Agent of Good.